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Our team is trained and experienced in identifying each patient’s specific nutritional needs. We can evaluate your pet and recommend the best food for him or her.

Pet Food Animal Services

We are here to assist you in making the proper choices with so many diets on the market and different nutritional requirements depending on the age and health of your pet partner. Learn more about food animals below.

Good Nutrition for Your Pet’s Health, Inside & Out
Nutritional concerns for your pet to keep in mind

Good Nutrition for Your Pet’s Health, Inside & Out

A good diet is critical to living a healthy life. Pet owners must understand that their pet's nutritional requirements differ frequently. Dogs' nutritional requirements differ from those of cats. Various lifestyles and life stages necessitate different dietary needs.

Knowing that proper nutrition is essential for your pet's health, our veterinarians and experienced staff are delighted to discuss your pet's nutritional requirements with you and answer any questions you may have. During your pet's regular health care checks, an excellent time to raise concerns about your pet's nutrition with one of our veterinarians.

Nutritional concerns for your pet to keep in mind

  • Water is essential, and you should give your cat or dog a dish of fresh water every day.
  • Keep an eye on the calories and the weight of your pet. Daily calorie consumption guidelines for dogs and cats are based on their size and stage of life.
  • Make sure your cat's food is high in meat and protein, as cats' bodies rely on meat as their only supply of proteins and other necessary nutrients.
  • Meat and lipids are very vital in your dog's diet, but veggies can also be a source of nourishment. However, please consult with our veterinary experts before increasing the number of vegetables supplied to your dog or putting your dog on an all-vegetarian diet.

Obesity is becoming more of a problem for veterinarians, leading to more serious problems like diabetes and arthritis. We can propose dietary and exercise changes for your pet and other weight management programs to help them lose extra weight and avoid difficulties later in life.

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